Revealed in a message. Soul singer knows the pain of loneliness like no other.

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The Tear Stained Story Behind The Four Tops Most Touching Song.

When Levi Stubbs sings the heartbreaking lyrics to Ask The Lonely, years of sadness are conveyed in his plaintiff plea.

Only the experience of true heartbreak can create the deep feelings and soulful cry that the Four Tops bring to this million seller.

Micky Stevenson wrote this amazing song. It reflects the sad truth of lost love never to be recovered and the innocent sincerity of those who know little of such a fate until it’s too late.

Stevenson, a Motown writer, was also responsible for putting together the Motown Band known as the Funk Brothers for session recording. The Detroit Symphony was also used on this masterpiece. Ask The Lonely was released in 1965 and charted at number 24 on the pop charts and number 9 on R&B.

The lyrics tell of the yearning for lost love that can never be regained. The combination of melody, lyrics, and performance make Ask The Lonely a Soul Classic in a class by itself.

This slow groove is a different take with The Four Tops Ask The Lonely. Listen to this!


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