Judge Simon Has Hard Time Believing Girl Can Sing Like Whitney Houston Until She Proves Him Wrong.

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A young girl singing in front of a small hometown crowd can be nerve-wracking enough but to be in front of the entire Britain’s Got Talent is a true moment of concern.

Getting past the gatekeeper Simon Cowel is enough to shake even an accomplished singer. This young girl got right to it and faced her fear to the delight of her audience.

Maia Gough age 12 took a small step forward and bravely calmed her shaking nerves as her voice spoke an introduction to the intimidating judges.

Her brief chat with the judges was about having her family along to experience this special moment, a chance to sing. She brough her Dad, her Mom, aunt, uncle, cousins and a few neighbors too.

One of the judges even joked about her bringing all of Wales which helped calm the anticipation of the moment.

When Maia named the song she would sing, I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston the judges swallowed and prepared for a letdown.

With such a small build, one would not expect Maia to summon such a powerful voice but as she began to sing, everyone’s attention was startled.

The song continues to develop as does Maia’s certainty, matching the sheers and applause coming from the crowd.

A camera shot of Maia’s Mom captures flowing care and hope in her daughter with a faith in her ability that is heartwarming.

Watch Maia’s beautiful, powerful command of the stage and the song and you’ll agree, this girl’s got it.


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