Surprising, shocking way this young singer died. Honoring I Do Love You – Billy Stewart

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Millions of views on this one. Warning – This song will give you chills and may cause memories that throw you on the ground.
Missing you.

He walked alone wondering if being at work would be better. A day off walking in the park just brings up memories of the times when she was by his side and they laughed together. Now the loneliness was a constant backdrop. At least at work, he could occupy his mind with simple tasks. Today, the smell of fresh air, the birds chirping, and the rhythmic footsteps, his own, were a reminder of that aloneness. And memories of her echoed with each breath, each step. Her smile, the smell of her hair, the touch of her hand. The warmth he felt when she leaned into him and pulled herself closer to nestle.

Love never says goodbye. It cannot. Love says here I am, open, and free, and always. Love says come closer. Laugh with me. And if you are not present today in this moment with me, love is as it always is. So breath love in. And sigh what used to be. But love is still here. I Do Love You.

In January 1970, Billy Stewart died tragically at the age of 32 near Smithfield, NC. The car he was in went off the road into the Neuse River killing Stewart and three bandmates. They were traveling to a gig in Columbia SC.


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