Tragedy For A True Artist Marvin Gaye

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Marvin Gaye was one of the greatest voices, performers, and showmen in all of popular music.

On April 1, 1984 he was tragically killed in a moment of heated aggression that would prove to be a heartbreaking event for everyone involved.

Gaye was visiting his parents house in Los Angeles. The parents were arguing and Marvin Jr intervened. The Sr Marvin shot his own son twice in a moment of confusion, fear, and aggression.

Marvin Gaye was 44, one day shy of 45. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific Ocean.

Marvin Sr was at first charged with manslaughter, later the charges were dropped to probation. It was discovered he was suffering from a brain tumor. Sr died in a nursing home in 1998.

The music of Marvin Gaye lives on. The prophetic What’s Going On, the sultry Let’s Get It On, and a string of hits from the 1960’s that are to this day unrivaled.

Marvin Gaye. I Love Classic Soul. Here’s the LIVE version of Distant Lover, in case you need healing. : )


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