Me And Mrs Jones…The music you love.

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There is a soulfullness that rises up with certain kinds of music. It’s a groove, a beat, a way that gets deep into your being and moves you. That’s what we like. We like good humor, good people and positive vibes. Thanks for being a part of it all. Welcome!

This 1972 soul classic was written by Gamble, Huff, and Gilbert and originally recorded by Billy Paul.

Enticing Love

This amazing song spans the gulf of feelings that come up when a couple falls in love and knows it will be a short lived affair.

It describes the meet ups with Mrs Jones, an anonymous woman who is deeply entrenched in the feelings of hope, happiness, and wistful longing with her man.

This time honored set up is shared by millions in the shadows of love, where two people share, care, and dare to feel what is naturally a special kind of love.


Welcome to I Love Soul Classics.


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