Classic Soul Music soothes by letting you cry.

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” Why do you keep dressing up to go out?” He asked again this time with more hurt in his voice.

photo by wilkernet

She smiled and quietly adjusted her earring glancing again in the mirror. ” Don’t wait up I won’t be out late, there’s a burrito in the freezer. I’ve already eaten.”

He glanced down at the floor and muttered, ” yea, I hear you.” His voice was weak. ” Why would I wait up. You’ve been distant for months.”

She spoke with an edge,” Don’t start with me, you know it takes two to have a relationship and you’ve been the one with excuses about not working, not trying to work, not helping out, and now you’re pulling on me I don’t need another child, I need a man who stands up.” She was down the hall and out the door before he could say anything.

This Stevie Wonder hit is the story of a man who can sense his lover is up to something secret. He knows and doesn’t want to know. She is dressing differently, putting on perfume, and going out alone.

How often have couples experienced this gnawing feeling that something is going on? Expressed beautifully, hauntingly in this masterful song by the master himself, Stevie Wonder. I Love Classic Soul.


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