Ja Rule Shares Who He Thinks Would Be on Rap Mount Rushmore

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Who would be on a rap edition of Mount Rushmore? Ja Rule weighed in on Monday (May 9) during a chat with the Breakfast Club.

“It’s tough. Because it’s eras, you know what I mean?” he explained, before adding, “If I just had to do four. … You would have to put Jay on there. I would put Pac on there. Big gotta go on there.”

Ja was then visibly stumped on who he’d give the the fourth spot to alongside Jay-Z, Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.. “I would go with older school guys,” Rule ultimately decided on. “Like either Big Daddy Kane, or Rakim, or KRS because of what they did for the culture, and what they meant to the culture. And what Rakim was to a Nas, you know what I’m saying? What KRS was to a whole generation of rappers. Kane was the first n—- I seen like, ‘This n—- is fly, this n—- get all the b—-es.’”

And while he couldn’t pick one out of the aforementioned three, Ja went on to point out how women rappers often get left out of these types of conversations. “But you know what? We never put the ladies in there,” he said. “Come on, man. MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa. … They are the reason other women picked up a microphone, period. How can you leave them off? You gotta tick one of them and put them on there.”

Watch the full interview, with the Mount Rushmore discussion beginning toward the end at the 25:30 mark.

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