How Vinyl Got Its Groove Back

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The vinyl boom only accelerated during the pandemic, generating $626 million in revenue in 2020 in the United States. In a special Deep Dive report, Billboard looks at the limited editions and exclusive pressings driving the market; the supply-chain problems and manufacturing delays that could threaten sales; the way labels use data (and gut instinct) to decide what gets pressed on vinyl; and the move for greener pressing plants.

The Pandemic Vinyl Boom — And Why The Industry Can’t Meet It 

Sales are on track to hit $1 billion this year, but supply-chain and labor problems have hamstrung manufacturers. Read more.

The Limited-Edition Gold Rush

Exclusive pressings have driven consumer demand through the roof, making vinyl the new coveted (and collectible) merch drop. Read more.

What’s On Vinyl, And Why

Drawing on data — and feedback from retail — labels are beginning to press more front-line pop and hip-hop releases on vinyl. Read more.

How Some Pressing Plants Are Tackling Vinyl’s Environmental Impact

Though the European Union has mandated greener manufacturing for over a decade, some U.S. plants are beginning to catch up. Read more.

Inside The Shady Business Of Unauthorized Reissues

Gray market European Union pressings have snuck into the U.S. retail pipeline, confusing some consumers and satisfying others. Read more.

Plus: Market Analyses From MRC Data And Discogs

For more information on Billboard’s “How Vinyl Got Its Groove Back” special Deep Dive report, click here.

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