Have You Befriended a Loyal Person? Look for These 10 Traits

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Do you have a friend who is a positive influence in your life? They’re the person who is trustworthy, loyal, and always by your side. When you find someone who has your back and walks with you through life without judgment, you’ve found a gem.

In a world where disloyalty runs rampant, it’s nice to find a loyal person to call a friend. The loyalty that this person has towards you is not easily found and should be treasured. How do you know if your friend is one of the loyal ones or if they have a hidden agenda?

Ten Telltale Signs That Your New Friend Is a Loyal Person

Well, it’s not always easy to tell if someone is true blue. Many folks will use you to their advantage, but you must use your inner voice and allow your gut instincts to direct you. Here are ten traits that you will find in a loyal person, and you may be surprised to see all or some of these in your friend or lover.

1. A Loyal Person Masters Empathy

A loyal person has mastered the art of empathy, so when things go good in your life, they’re happy for you. You will never see them jealous or upset just because the Universe opened blessings on you. Even if their world is in shambles, they will still be loyal enough to cry with you or rejoice in your strokes of luck.

Loyal individuals can put themselves in your shoes and see both the positive and negative things you experience. They can understand you differently as they can sympathize with both the good and things you manage, but they won’t judge you or think any differently.

2. They Display Humility

Folks who aren’t arrogant are humble. When they receive an award for a job well done, they don’t flash that award for all to see. They would never consider name-dropping to make themselves sound superior, which is typical of toxic friendships.

While they may have a bank account with more money in it than you’ve ever seen, they won’t dare brag about their wealth. It’s okay for a person to have good self-esteem and be confident, but there’s a staunch difference between confidence and egotism, and they’ve mastered it.

Think of the many Hollywood stars that were successful but obnoxious. Now, think of those who attained success but never let it affect their humble nature, like Oprah Winfrey. A loyal person will remain humble and never let their accomplishments make them arrogant.

3. A Loyal Person Values Honesty

What good is it to have a friend if they’re not honest with you? While you know that most foundations of any relationship build upon things like trust, did you know that it can encourage good behavior? Brigham Young University conducted a study under the direction of Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad and reported on IPL.

The study was to see the benefits that good friends have on your life. Dr. Holt-Lunstad found that those who had honest friends were less likely to have depression and stress, and they were more likely to encourage you to have good habits. You’ve known that having a friend that walks on the wild side can rub off on you, but it seems that having a friend with positive attributes is also infectious.

4. They’re Dependable

Isn’t it nice to have someone in your corner that you can count on every word they say? If they tell you that they will take you to dinner and a movie at a specific time, you can ensure they will be there. Whatever promises they make to you, they stand good on their word.

You know that when they tell you something they will say or do, it’s as good as gospel. It’s nice to have someone who honors the spoken word and has good follow-through.

5. They Respect Boundaries

Having boundaries is a good thing for your protection. However, it can be challenging to find a person that respects your limits and doesn’t try to push them for you. The loyal person must respect your values, principles, and beliefs, as they too have such morals.

Everyone needs a sense of identity and personal space, and this individual respects those needs. According to an article on Psych Central, when you’re in a relationship, boundaries are essential. They include the following things:

Considering the other person’s feelings
Demonstrating gratitude
Making honesty a priority
Allowing sufficient room for independence to thwart codependence
Showing respect for each other’s opinions, viewpoints, and feelings.
Never gaslighting or blaming the other person but taking responsibility for their actions.

6. A Loyal Person Likes Routine and Structure

Some folks feel stifled by the predictable nature of friendships. However, a loyal person likes routine and structure as it makes them feel safe. They’re satisfied and find comfort in the patterns you’ve established in your relationship, and they don’t see it as dull.

Did you know that routines are very healthy for you? While everyone loves the free-spirited person, there’s something to be said for those who keep a structured schedule. An article published by Northwestern Medicine states that those who utilize routines are often the people who have less stress, have healthier sleep schedules, and have all-around better health.

7. Makes You Part of Their Life

There are so many people involved in friendships and relationships that want to be included. Have you ever been in relationships where you felt you were on the outside looking in? The loyal person sees you as an essential part of their life, so they will include you in many things that they do.

They want to make sure that you feel wanted and included, and they go out of their way to ensure that you are a part of their life.

8. They’re True Blue

Some people try to put on a façade and be something they’re not to impress others. However, you won’t find that in a loyal friend. They believe in being authentic, and what you see is what you get. The bond and emotional connection you have with this person are unique.

You can tell them your deepest desires and secrets and not fear they will look at you any differently. Not only does this person believe in you, but they encourage you to shoot for the stars. They’re like a cheerleader in the stands watching you play football, and you know you’ve always got their support.

This person lets you be honest, too, as you can let go of your ego as you have no one to impress. Together, you both have learned to share and respect the differences, but you know this person is the picture of loyalty as they love and accept you with no strings attached.

9. A Loyal Person Is Selfless

A person who has mastered being loyal knows the art of being selfless. They put the needs of others before themselves, as they use their heart to do the thinking and their actions come from their soul. They genuinely care about your feelings and happiness, so they want to make sure their actions or words won’t do anything to destroy it.

If you’re in a romantic relationship with someone selfless, you will notice that they worry more about your happiness than theirs, and they want to make sure that you feel safe and loved by them. Additionally, this is the kind of individual that would never even think about cheating on you.

10. They Know It’s Okay to be Vulnerable

Vulnerability comes with uncertainty, and when you put yourself out there, there’s always a risk that you will be judged or embarrassed by the other party. However, someone who is loyal knows that their past experiences might be what helps you to get through your troubles. They don’t mind digging up skeletons from the past and making themselves compromised if it’s helping someone else.

Final Thoughts on Knowing the Traits of a Loyal Person

It’s so easy to find people who are disloyal to befriend, but when you find someone who is loyal and eager to accept you as you are, then you’ve found a treasure. When someone displays a faithful nature, they know that it’s okay to be vulnerable. They express humility, empathy, honesty, and selflessness.

One of the best qualities of a loyal person is that they do what they say they will do. How many friends have you had in your life that canceled on you last minute or ghosted you and didn’t show? When you find someone who stands by their word, and you never have to doubt, you have found a friendship that can last a lifetime.

If you’re so lucky to find this person in a romantic relationship, then you know that they won’t cheat on you. This is the kind of person you grow old with and raise a family, as they get you on a level that few ever have before. If you have such a loyal individual in your life, hang on to them.

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