Woman Charged in Baseball Bat Attack Outside Live Nation Office

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Last week, a 25-year-old woman was arrested for assaulting a security guard with a baseball bat outside of Live Nation’s offices in Beverly Hills, Calif., according to a Sept. 15 petition for a restraining order filed in Los Angeles court.

That same day Unique Niree Snowden was also charged by Beverly Hills police for alleged assault with a deadly weapon and for allegedly disobeying a court order related to a Sept. 1 arrest related to alleged acts of arson and vandalism.

It’s unclear why Snowden, who is reportedly without housing, targeted the company. She has never worked at Live Nation and has no connection to Live Nation or any of its employees. An L.A. County judge has ordered Snowden to undergo a mental competency hearing to determine whether she is fit to stand trial.

Live Nation’s Los Angeles attorney Thomas Citron filed a restraining order Sept. 15, demanding Snowden stay at least 500 yards away from Live Nation and have no contact with the victim or anyone working at Live Nation, records obtained by Billboard show. According to the petition, the security guard was inside Live Nation’s offices when he saw Snowden standing just outside the front door.

When the guard “went outside to find out if [Snowden] needed assistance, without any provocation she repeatedly hit him with a baseball bat she was carrying,” the petition states.

The guard suffered injuries to his left wrist and fingers and was treated by paramedics. Snowden was arrested by the Beverly Hills police and taken into custody. She is being held on $30,000 bail at an L.A. County jail facility in Lynwood.

The attack took place less than two weeks after her Sept. 1 arrest for arson and vandalism. Snowden was released shortly after being arrested in that case on her recognizance, without bail.

Snowden has pleaded not guilty to the four charges and is scheduled to return to court on Sept. 29. Officials at Live Nation declined to comment.

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