Watch SEVENTEEN Talk ‘Growth’ on ‘Attacca’ EP & Getting CARATs Involved in Their Music: Video Interview

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SEVENTEEN returned Friday (Oct. 22) with their ninth EP Attacca, and in a new interview with Billboard News’ Tetris Kelly, the group is opening up about their quick comeback after Your Choice, the album’s message of love, and getting CARATs involved in the music-making process.

The 13-member K-pop group is spoiling fans with new music, releasing Attacca just four months after June’s Your Choice EP, and they’re not planning to slow down anytime soon.

“We’re not taking any breaks,” Hoshi says, with S.Coups adding: “We worked even harder since we’re not able to meet everyone in person right now. We wanted to connect more frequently, at least through our music.”

Your Choice: 8th Mini Album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart, selling 20,500 copies in the U.S. in the week ending June 24, according to MRC Data, and SEVENTEEN are excited to keep reaching new heights on Attacca. “We’re very glad that we’re able to show our continuous growth and we’re so thankful to our CARATs who made all this possible,” Mingyu says about the new project.

The group said their new song “Rock With You” from the album is for “fearless lovers,” and they think that message of love is always important.

“The kind of love we tried to illustrate through this album relays the message that regardless of where you stand and how you may look, ‘you’ will always be the best and most precious existence to ‘me,’” S.Coups explains. “And conversely, no matter where we may be, or what we may look like, we all can be a most cherished existence to someone else.”

SEVENTEEN is offering fans the chance to make their own version of “Rock With You” by releasing an audio kit with the song’s stems and encouraging fans to play around with the track. “We were sure that this would be a project that would have SEVENTEEN’s unique color to it and also something our CARATs would absolutely love,” Woozi tells Billboard News. “And as a result, we’re having so much fun listening to all the amazing music our CARATs are creating.”

Watch SEVENTEEN’s full Billboard News video interview above.


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