This Adorable Golden Retriever Has a Huge Personality

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Golden retrievers are one of the most popular family pets for many reasons. They’re friendly, playful, affectionate, loving, and cuddly – not to mention, they have hearts of gold! Of course, they’re majestic, beautiful dogs on the outside as well, but they shine even brighter from within. This hard-working sporting dog is loyal and highly intelligent, making them irresistible to any dog lover.

Goldens are also known for having a goofy personality; they love to make people laugh! Since they’re so open and friendly with strangers, they don’t make good guard dogs. However, they make up for it with their positive energy and zest for life. Whether you’re cuddling on the couch or hiking through mountains, a Golden retriever will stand faithfully by your side.

One Golden Retriever named Sterling lives up to his breed description to a T. He’s the centerpiece of the family, and they never leave him out of events or activities. When you have a Golden, you’ll naturally want to spend as much time with them as possible. After all, dogs are known to cheer you up and calm you down simultaneously, especially the kindhearted Golden.

Meet Sterling, an adorable golden retriever

Below, we’ll introduce you to Sterling the Golden Retriever, a comedian, and stealer of clothes and hearts!

“His favorite thing to do is actually steal clothes. So he goes upstairs every morning to somebody’s bedroom, and he comes toddling down the stairs with something in his mouth,” his owner says. “And then he usually takes it to the garden and drops it. Then I have to go and pick it up. He also refuses to come back in the door unless I give him a treat, so we call that taxes.”

The two-year-old puppy with a big personality

When Sterling isn’t making his family laugh with his kleptomania, he enjoys bonding with them in other ways. Basically, whatever the family is doing, Sterling wants to be included too. It’s no wonder dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries; they’re beautiful creatures. Without saying a word, a dog can turn your whole day or life around and give you a renewed strength and purpose.

“I have to say, he’s changed our lives in so many ways and brought the whole family closer together than we already were,” his mom says.

“I’m fortunate enough to stay home, so I spend most of my days with Sterling. Our favorite thing to do is go on adventures. So, we’re lucky enough to live near a lake, so we go down to the lake, and he can swim in the water. And, we go to a lot of parks, and then I just take him on drives, and we have puppuccinos. Sometimes we grab lunch, and it’s just fun to hang out together,” she says.

Many dogs enjoy getting the whipped cream treat from Starbucks, the puppuccino. While humans might look upon plain whipped cream with boredom, dogs lap it up (literally!) If you don’t have a human best friend, a dog makes a wonderful companion. They can do everything that people can do, as Sterling’s owner described above. Whether you’re going out for lunch or exploring nature, a Golden Retriever would love to accompany you!

Sterling’s mom (and his whole family) appreciate him beyond words. He’s given them so much love and comfort, and their lives wouldn’t be the same without him around. If you get a Golden Retriever, you’ll always have a best friend for life.

Sterling, the Golden Retriever, is truly one-of-a-kind

Golden Retrievers also age very well and never seem to lose their cuteness! You can cuddle them as both puppies and adults, and it will never get old. Sterling’s mom Diane, who manages his social media pages, gets to spend the most time with him. She’s gotten to see him grow up, and now they’re two peas in a pod.

“I would say probably the best memory is the day we brought him home. He was just a cute little ball of fluff, and he just bounced around the house and then fell asleep,” Diane says. “He was just adorable, and obviously, he still is. The most rewarding thing about having a dog is just the unconditional love that they give you. They’re always just happy to see you, they don’t judge you, and they just bring so much fulfillment to your life.”

It’s easy to see why the beloved Golden Retriever continually makes the top ten list for family dogs. They don’t bark a lot, they have an easygoing temperament, and they’re some of the most lovable dogs around. They also have tons of energy and fit in well with an active family. However, they adapt easily and can also lounge around the house if you’re more low-key.

The Golden is also one of the most popular therapy dogs because of its soothing, softhearted nature. Their empathy and unconditional love help heal the hearts and souls of many, from war veterans to the elderly and anyone in between.

“If I was to give advice to somebody looking to get a puppy or rescue even, I would say the first few months can be pretty tough, especially with puppies,” Diane says. “They bite a lot, they need a lot of attention. Once you’re over that first few months, things just get easier. It’s just the best thing ever, and they’re such a big part of your family.”

Final thoughts on the Golden Retriever that will steal your heart

While Goldens have similar personalities, Sterling stands out because of his strange habit of stealing clothes. It’s clear that he loves to make his family laugh, and he’ll do anything to put a smile on their faces. He might just be following his instincts, though, since retrievers have been bred to fetch animals or items.

Even though his family has to pick up after him, they love Sterling to pieces. He’s changed their lives for the better, and each day they spend together is a blessing in their book.

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