T-Pain Announces Tidal Partnership & New Dial-In Tips Hotline That Gives Aspiring Artists ‘Everything You Want to Know’

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T-Pain is back with an all-new song, plus an exciting partnership with Tidal aimed at helping the next generation of artists. 

In his upbeat party jam “That’s Just Tips,” which dropped April 29 via his Nappy Boy Entertainment label and Empire, the Tallahassee native details a “crazy weekend” he spent in Florida. The Nappy Boy Radio With T-Pain host premiered the single with a performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday (May 3).

As part of his newly announced partnership with Tidal, T-Pain will launch a tips hotline, through which fans and rising artists can call 833-4-TIPSONTIDAL to receive industry advice directly from the two-time Grammy-winner beginning May 12. 

Chatting with Billboard about his new partnership, T-Pain says that what sparked his interest in teaming with the streaming service was that “Tidal cares more about the artists on their platform. It’s a well-thought-out operation and the people that run it are accommodating. They know their job is artist-driven and we’re the backbone of each other in the industry.”

For his tips hotline, T-Pain says his personal experience on “both sides of the spectrum” — from becoming an international, Billboard chart-topping success to enduring public career missteps — will benefit upcoming stars. 

“We’re creating a hotline and we’re going to make sure that everybody has transparency and knows everything you want to know and need as an aspiring artist,” the “Buy U a Drank” star explains. “Those things will be super accessible.”

He continues: “I really want this to be something that people can learn from and not feel like they’re getting talked to, but like they’re getting the information they need. They’re getting their questions answered, and they’re not getting statements thrown at them out of nowhere.”

Ahead of the hotline’s May 12 launch, T-Pain reveals the one tip he wishes he knew before launching his career: “Not everybody is your friend. All these people that call themselves your brother, sister and all that. Once they use you up, that’s it.”

But he adds, “The trick to that is to remain who you are. Don’t let those people turn you into one of those people. Don’t approach every situation as if the people are going to do that. Just be ready for it and don’t be surprised if it does happen… At the bottom line of things, don’t let bad people turn you into a bad person.”

The global hitmaker and CEO of Nappy Boy Entertainment shares one more tip which he learned through the years: “Watch everything. People are gonna have jobs they say they’ll do well, and that you won’t have to worry about it. They’ll say, ‘All we want you to do is make music.’ You don’t have to worry about that…’ Yes, you f—ing do!”

He jokes, “Everybody that has ever said that to me is now not a part of my operation — because I absolutely needed to worry about ‘that.’”

Following the release of his new single “That’s Just Tips,” T-Pain — who has been forging ahead without a manager — says more new music is on the way, along with the expansion of Nappy Boy Enterprises: “We’re doing Nappy Boy Drifting, Nappy Boy Gaming, Nappy Boy Films and Nappy Boy Radio Podcasts. We’re bringing all of my businesses together, and I’m starting these firms that are a conglomerate of Nappy Boy Enterprises.”

Watch the official video for T-Pain’s “That’s Just Tips” below:

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