Should Men Write Female Anthems? Beatriz Luengo, Ovy on the Drums & More Hitmakers Debate on ‘Cultura Clash’

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The first season of Billboard’s Cultura Clash has officially wrapped with an important discussion about whether men should be writing women empowerment songs. In the new episode, hosted by AJ Ramos, Latin composers Beatriz Luengo, Elena Rose, Ovy on the Drums and Edgar Barrera weigh in.

“The woman has always been a fundamental part of music history,” Luengo, who has written songs for Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee and more, said, “and due to legality that has forbidden us, now we come to this moment where we have to fight for a place. It’s sad.”

“At this moment, women are, truthfully, in an incredible position,” Ovy on the Drums, Karol G’s longtime producer, noted. Barrera, who has penned songs for Camilo, Christian Nodal and Selena Gomez, agreed: “We’re seeing a lot of female writers and producers now that we didn’t see before.”

“The female artist is focusing much more on their project and how they want to say things,” Elena, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who has worked with Becky G and CNCO, to name a few, expressed. “In my case, I made the decision to surround myself with ‘feminist men’ who respect women writers in the room.”

During the almost 30-minute discussion, the four artists also talked about the lack of female representation in song camps, how they’re changing the narrative, and even debated about the lyrics in Maluma’s “Hawai.”

“It’s a passion that I have taken in as a responsibility and a purpose,” Elena said. “Being a man and woman at the same time because that’s the mother I had who did both roles.” “Like Elena, my life has centered a lot in being a voice and supporting women writers who need it,” Luengo added.

Barrera said that he wants to continue working with women writers because he feels that the female voice and point of view are very important in the music industry.

“We have to see things with love and respect when creating music because I think that that’s the way to make the industry bigger,” Ovy concluded.

Watch the full episode of Billboard’s Cultura Clash above:

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