Selena Gomez Shoots, But Does She Score? See Her Basketball Moves

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While J. Cole just completed his contractual obligation with the Rwandan Patriots BBC, another musical superstar is making moves on the basketball court: Selena Gomez.

On Wednesday, the pop singer and her friends headed to the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica, which enables young people to reach their full potential and succeed in their environment while staying physically active, and she put her skills on full display.

“My friends asked me if I could do a 3-pointer, and I said yes,” Gomez says on her Instagram Story while spontaneously catching the ball and chucking it back at her friend and breaking out into laughter.

What, like it’s hard? In typical Elle Woods fashion, from the blonde hair to the Harvard sweatshirt, Gomez was ready to take her shot — but not before revealing what might make it more difficult for her.

“Update: I recently had an injury in the kitchen,” the Selena + Chef host said while giving the camera the middle finger, which was wrapped in a band-aid. “And I may not be able to perform well.”

And with that, the “Look at Her Now” artist went for the shot… and missed.

See Gomez get into the basketball scene below.

Selena playing basketball with friends

— Selena Gomez Source (@GomezSource) June 10, 2021

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