Saweetie Reveals the One Thing on Her Album Her Mom ‘Was Really Against’

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Saweetie’s mom isn’t entirely thrilled about the rapper’s upcoming debut release! The artist sits down with Billboard’s Chelsea Briggs to discuss her album Pretty Bitch Music, and shared why her mother takes issue with a specific part of it.

“I do talk some s— in Tagalog,” Saweetie — whose mom is Filipino and Chinese — dishes about exploring her own roots in the as yet unreleased project, which she previously she told Billboard she delayed after meeting Cher. “My mom was really against it. My Asian side, they’re very traditional — they were immigrants. So it’s like, their culture’s a little bit more reserved. So, she was just like, ‘Girl, I can’t believe you just said that!’”

Filipino culture isn’t the only culture she’s exploring on the album. Saweetie — born Diamonte Harper — shares that there will be a Latin track featuring not one, but two artists.

“It’s just one of those records where the beat introduces the song before the lyrics even come on,” she explains. “I’m just really excited ’cause it’s just a lot of fun!”

Though she declines to name her Latin collaborators, Saweetie shares that it will be one male and one female. She hints, “They’ve worked hard to get to where they’re at, so the fact that I have them on there is just amazing.”

The rapper also reveals that with Pretty Bitch Music, she hopes people will get to know who she really is and how she feels. “I need people to know who Diamonte is, and not just who Saweetie is.”

“I have feelings and I’m a human being,” she emphasizes. “But people just talk about you like you can’t read, and I think there’s just this misconception that I come from perfect beginnings, and I’m just some perfect individual. But it’s like, no. I have feelings just like everyone else.”

She adds, “This is just an album that I think it will just humanize me.”

Saweetie shares that she’s really proud of the vulnerability she shows in her upcoming release. “I’m very private, so I think that’s why I struggled with expressing my emotions for such a long period of time,” she explains. “But in order for someone to feel something through my music, for my songs to have soul, I had to accept the challenge of being vulnerable — and I accepted it.”

There’s no release date yet for Pretty Bitch Music, but Saweetie teases, “It’s coming soon!”

Watch her interview above.

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