Rick Ross Says He Was ‘Just Smilin’ About the Latest Kanye West & Drake Beef

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Rick Ross has thoughts — specifically on the ongoing Drake and Kanye West beef. More specifically, he thinks about the idea of a Drake album executive produced by Kanye and featuring some Rozay verses.

“You never know,” he said with a mischievous grin when The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God teed up a conversation about the latest shots fired in the battle between ‘Ye and the Six God on the Wednesday (Sept. 8) show.

“I was just enjoying it. I was smiling,” said Ross about the back-and-forth disses and leaks that surrounded the recent releases of Kanye’s Donda album and Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. “I never took none of that s— personal. Dudes rich, man. I don’t even think they trippin’ about that s—, man. I’m gonna just be honest, I don’t think they trippin’ about that s—!”

Ross pointed out that West had huge, sold-out listening events at Mercedes-Benz stadium to promote the album dedicated to his late mother. “To me that’s priceless,” he said. “You got the world paying homage to the spirit and the legacy of your mother. That was the most important part of it to me … that was legendary.”

After Charlamagne said he really wants to see a Kanye album written by Drake and a Drake album produced by Kanye, Ross said with a sly smile, “I might need to make that call. You know Rozay can make that call.”

When Charlamagne asked him how he felt when Drizzy called Ross the greatest rapper alive, The Bawse said, “I didn’t just take that to my gut, because a lot of times we feel that way about a lot of different artists,” he said. “What I think that was was he was sitting in the studio that night listening to that verse and that beat as he was writing his verse for the record that we got on his album.” Ross appears along with Lil Wayne on the Certified Lover Boy track “You Only Live Twice.”

As for whether he hits the studio with those kind of laudatory thoughts in his head, y0u probably know what Ross said. “That’s cool when your name in those conversations, but when I approach the studio I already know I’m the biggest boss,” he explained. “I know when I when I get on the record it’s hard for anybody to survive with Rozay on the record!”

And not for nothing, but if he was asked to executive produce a project by Drake, Nas or ‘Ye, Ross said he’d definitely hit the Drizzy one. “Because those are conversations we’ve had,” he said after a thoughtful pause, hinting at an oft-rumored collab album he’s spoken about with Drake. “The sound … I would love to push, you know, from him rapping that hard s— to him harmonizing over that melodic sound that I love as well. I would love to push it even further.”

Rozay also talked about dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic-fueled chicken wing shortage at his Wingstop restaurant chain, and how he got COVID so early. “I could lay down and breathe, I had to sit up in the chair,” he recalled, noting that he opted to stay home and watch Forensic Files in early 2020 instead of going to the hospital for treatment of the disease he refers to as “the fungus.”

How did he spend all that downtime last year? Discovering a new room behind the bowling alley in his 235-acre, 100-room Atlanta mansion, as well as pulling weeds and tooling around on his new tractor. Ross also found time to write the just-released book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire, which features his tales of being a business owner, record label head and, or course, platinum-selling MC.

“We ain’t got no time to waste,” Ross said of some of the advice he gives in the book. “So we gonna wake up every morning and go hard. We ‘gon rep, we ‘gon do what we do and we’re gonna elevate it. And to me, don’t measure your success based on gold and money, just measure your success based on happiness.”

Watch Rick Ross on The Breakfast Club below.

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