Triumphant Oprah credits Grandparents as her super power

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So many people have watched and liked Oprah Winfrey as a TV personality and as a person. She has inspired millions.


Until age 6, Oprah says her grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee, was the start of her success. Oprah was raised by her Grandmother in Mississippi.

At the hand of her Grandmother, Oprah learned to read by age 3. Skipping kindergarten, Winfrey moved ahead quickly.
Church was also an important part of Oprah’s early life, reciting Bible verses to the surprise of the congregation. As Oprah tells it, the ladies on the front row would tell Hattie Mae, This child is gifted. Oprah heard that affirmation until she believed it.

It’s been shown that grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren actually live longer.

The Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior reports that over a period of 20 years in this study, seniors who participated in their Grandchildrens lives had a lower risk of dying compared to those grandparents who were not involved.

One Doctor stated . “There is a link between providing this care and reducing stress. If providing this care to [grand kids] and others…is one way that we can actually reduce stress, then these activities should be of benefit to folks who are grandparents and provide this care.”

The Doctor added that it is important to exercise, be social, and mentally stimulated as we age.

This study notes that it’s not an exclusive fact that you need to spend time with your own grandchildren. Being around children and helping out keeps old people involved and feeling vital, and it shows.

It also works in reverse. It’s good for grandkids to spend time with their elders. The learning and balance transfers in ways that are incalculable.

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