Nick Jonas Reveals He Worried About Offending ‘Voice’ Coaches on His First Day

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Nick Jonas slowly got used to the banter on NBC’s The Voice when he was a coach, but he didn’t know if he would accidentally take it too far with the other coaches.

The 28-year-old singer joined Voice coach Kelly Clarkson on her talk show Tuesday (July 20) about how he came to be, as Clarkson puts, “way more relaxed about giving us crap.”

“I now view all of you as like my brothers and sister, and so I don’t really care,” he teased. “I’m just going to let it go and just take you guys down a notch.”

Working with his actual brothers — which is even more evident in the teaser clips for the Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers television special — probably helped him prepare for the savage level of jokes tossed among the coaches. But that didn’t mean Jonas was just going to come into his first season swinging with the comebacks.

“Well that was the first thing on, like, day one of my first season. I didn’t know if I was going to offend someone. There’s always that line. But then I realized, you guys are hard to offend,” he told Clarkson. “There have been a few things — can’t remember exactly which things — but times where it was like, ‘Oh, that stung a little bit too much!’ But you just let it go. We’ll hug it out.”

Jonas joined the NBC singing competition series as coach for season 18 before Gwen Stefani replaced him the following season, and the two traded places once more for season 20, when Jonas returned to the franchise. Ariana Grande will be replacing him for the upcoming 21st season this fall, but he’s still reflecting on the “most fun and rewarding part” of his second season on The Voice.

“I obviously love doing the show with you guys and working with these incredible artists. But I learned a lot from the first season,” he continued. “We’re coaches, sure, but I think the thing that’s so cool is that we also learn so much in the process about ourselves and the artists we’re working with and how to give each other crap, and that’s been the most fun and rewarding part of being on the show for a second season.”

Watch Jonas and Clarkson reminisce on their Voice coaching days together below.

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