NCT Dream Tease Second Album ‘Glitch Mode,’ Talk Pressures About Upcoming Release

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You may experience some glitching come March 28, but don’t worry — it’s just NCT Dream, not technology issues. The seven-piece boyband dropped a teaser for their second album, Glitch Mode, which is set for release in exactly a month, and discussed the new project in a video posted to their YouTube channel Monday (Feb. 28).

The new teaser, posted to the K-Pop group’s social media accounts, is a quick, soundless video of the album title morphing into different old-school computer-themed fonts and colors. The clip’s pixelated images jerk back and forth, emblematic of the upcoming album’s name.

Glitch Mode comes a year after the band’s first full-length record Hot Sauce, which dropped in March last year and peaked at No. 10 on Billboard‘s World Albums chart. The NCT Dream boys spoke about the pressures of following the success of their first album in a new video titled “NCT Dream 2nd Kick-Off Meeting.”

“The new album will be an album that shows whether we deserved all that luck we received,” said group member Mark Lee in the video posted to YouTube Feb. 28. “If we add more of our spirit into the album, we will feel happier. We shouldn’t just be ambitious. I want each of us to work really hard to achieve our goals.”

NCT Dream is a sub-unit of the 23-person K-Pop mega group NCT, which stands for Neo Culture Technology. Named to Time‘s list of “Most Influential Teens” in 2018, the band was comprised of the members of their umbrella group who were under the age of 20. Following their formation, NCT Dream became the first to have a trilingual song enter the Billboard Global 200 with “Hot Sauce.”

See the teaser and watch the boys of NCT Dream discuss their upcoming project Glitch Mode below:

NCT DREAM The 2nd Album
〖Glitch Mode〗
➫ 2022.03.28 (KST)#NCTDREAM #GlitchMode#NCTDREAM_GlitchMode

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