Megan Thee Stallion Fili-Busts a Move on a Slimy Politician in Pointed ‘Thot S—‘ Video

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Megan Thee Stallion gets political in the eye-popping video for her new single “Thot Shit,” in which the rapper and her team twerk a hypocritical senator into submission. The rapper dropped the visual on Friday (June 11) as the first salvo in what she has teased as the comeback of her Tina Snow alter-ego.

And hooo-boy is she not easing us back in. The Aube Perrie-directed clip opens with a senator unloosening his tie and leaving a rude, sexist comment on one of Meg’s videos while getting ready to go to the polls on himself before one of his constituents (Meg) dials in with a harsh wake-up call.

“Look mother——, the women that you accidentally tryin’ to step on are everybody that you depend on,” she tells him. “They treat your diseases, they cook your meals, they haul your trash, they drive your ambulances, they guard you while you sleep. They control every part of your life. Do not f— with them.”

And then Megan and her Hotties get to work, dogging the scummy senator everywhere he goes. Twerking in a caution orange thonged jumpsuit while ghost riding a trash truck, Meg slams into the putrid pol on the street, chases him in the cereal aisle during a grocery store twerkfest, fills his office with their NSFW outfits, and drops it low on his bacon cheeseburger in a diner as she raps, “Acting like they ridin’, whole time tryna pass me/ Watchin’ me go through and still tryna drag me/ Actin’ like you winnin’, if you think about it, actually/ Are they supportin’ you or really just attackin’ me?/ I don’t give a f— ’bout a blog tryna bash me.”

He can’t even take a bath in peace, as Meg emerges from the bubbles to flip him off, with the Hotties busting out their signature hand-on-thigh booty shaking everywhere he looks, giving new meaning to “the body politic.” Stripped to his skivvies, the congressional cretin ends up on an operating table as Meg — dressed in what can only be described as adult-film scrubs — grabs a pair of pliers to do some psycho surgery that puts her money where his mouth is.

“Thot” is the first new solo single from Megan this year, and first taste of new music from the rapper since the November release of her debut studio album, Good News. She also popped up this week in a vocal sample on Marshmello’s “Bad Bitches” single.

Watch the “Thot Shit” video below. (Warning: Ending contains explicit images.)

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