Marvin Gaye’s best 3 songs?

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What’s Going On

Stubborn Kind Of Fellow

Distant Love

so many more…

Hey! hope you’re having a great day. It’s a rainy day in October 2020 so I’m doing a little work around the house and updating a few online things.

Thought I’d pop in and say Hi to you and put this little piece out about Marvin Gaye.

This great man wrote, produced, and sang so many classic soul songs. It’s hard to decide a top 3.

His song by The Originals- Baby I’m For Real brings chills and he’s not even on it!

Marvin Gaye was truly a man of all seasons. When sopcila disord took hold in the late 60’s and 70’s he was there to add a musical sensibility to the vibe.

Worldwide – Marvin Gaye is a true legend. His music and life- a blessing.

What are your favorites? you can tell us on facebook at I Love Classic Soul!


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