Marine’s remains being shipped via mail intercepted and given hero’s biker caravan across country.

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After serving almost two decades in the Marines including seven tours of Iran and Afghanistan, Sadly 41 year old Marine soldier Jonathan Turner passed away from combat related issues.

Turners family could not afford to go to the burial ceremony across country.

That’s when a group of Patriot bikers were alerted and went into action.

The Patriot Guard Riders ensure dignity and respect at the services of fallen soldiers and first responders.

Turners cremated remains were to be shipped 2000 miles to his family.

Over 100 bikers formed a relay chain and performed the task in a few days.

Annie Blanton, Turners Mother told Fox 5 Atlanta

“ It’s heartwarming to see all these people here. I know he was loved by a lot of people.”

In todays climate of unrest it is reassuring to know there are groups who are willing to step up when needs like this arise.

Hats off to the Patriots Guard Riders.


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