Lizzo Says Drake Has Responded to ‘Rumors’ Shout-Out, Shamelessly Flirts With Niall Horan

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Niall Horan got way more than he bargained for when he dove into what he thought was going to be a harmless bit of flirting with Lizzo. The “Slow Hands” singer had a great time re-connecting with the “Rumors” rapper during his guest-hosting stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night (August 24), but he quickly realized he’d have some catching up to do when the rapper opened with “this is the sexiest call I’ve ever been on.”

What ensued was a 15-minute blush-a-thon as Lizzo — casually posted up in an office whose shelves were heavy with her three Grammy awards and assorted other trophies — outrageously came on to the host. After earlier revealing that his new fan group name as the #Horandogs, Horan was delighted to learn that Lizzo’s go by the Lizzbians.

“In American it’s a horn dog, okay,” Lizzo said with a laugh when Horan suggested that his club name might be pronounced differently depending on where you’re from. “I think you’re giving me a One Erection baby!” she joked. The pair bonded over their early career time spent in groups, with Lizzo recalling that she was in “thousands of girl groups,” including an early one called the Cornrow Clique.

“Our first song it was #1 on the high school charts in Houston and it was called ‘It Don’t Matter Tho,’” Lizzo said as she bounced in her seat and sang the sassy chorus, with Niall joining in on harmonies. Lizzo had plenty more to say about her new hit single with Cardi B, “Rumors,” noting that when they were taking the promo pic Cardi whispered an X-rated sweet nothing into her ear, which made Horan burst out laughing and turn beet red.

“This is the best guest ever,” Niall said. Noting that the No. 4 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart was her best bow ever, Lizzo laughed at how hard Cardi worked on set, bringing double energy since she performed while pregnant with “Cardi Jr.” “She brought her pregnant ass to set and I’m eternally grateful, because you know if I was pregnant I would wan to sit my ass and prop my feet and east some Hot Cheetos and Takis,” the rapper said.

“I do that and I’m not even pregnant,” Horan responded with perfect comedic timing. “You wanna change that?” Lizzo snapped back with a mock-serious lean-in as Horan turned an even deeper shade of crimson. He then asked her about a lascivious line in “Rumors” in which she claims, “No, I ain’t f–k Drake yet.”

“Do explain,” Horan said. “Okay, so the original line was, ‘No, I ain’t f–k Niall yet.’ The label said it was a little bit provocative. So I changed it to Drake, a safer bet,” Lizzo said as Horan took a deep, depp drink of water. When asked if she knew if Drizzy had heard the shout-out yet, Lizzo said, “I think he’s heard the No. 4 song in the country!” For real though, she said she has heard from Toronto’s finest, “but that’s all I’m gonna say on that.”

The pair also fondly recalled the first time they ever in London at BBC Radio, where Lizzo thought the giant horde outside the studio was queuing up for her. “And then I went inside and and it was you and they introduced me to you and you were like, ‘Congratulations Lizzo you’re smashing it!’ And I was like, ‘I’ll smash you!’” The fast friends also played a flirty little game called “Are We Compatible,” which had them answering questions such as: “If we got married would you sign a pre-nup,” “the minimum number of dates before you could fart in front of me” and “if we had a 3-day who would be the third person?”

“Ya’ll gonna get me in f—in’ trouble,” Lizzo lamented as the camera cut to Kimmel sidekick Guillermo.

Watch Niall and Lizzo get cozy below.

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