Lil Nas X’s ‘Montero’ Tracklist Features Collabs With Miley Cyrus, Megan Thee Stallion & More

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Lil Nas X is on a roll. After releasing the SpongeBob SqaurePants-inspired album cover for his debut album, Montero, on Tuesday (Aug. 31), the “Industry Baby” rapper promised his fans that he would share the album’s official tracklist. Lil Nas delivered on that promise on Wednesday (Sept. 1) — this time, with another stunning visual posted to his social media accounts to accompany the announcement.

In the video, a naked CGI version of Lil Nas falls from the heavens before arriving in the hyper-saturated Garden of Eden featured in Montero’s official cover art. As Lil Nas again begins to fall — this time from the garden — the album’s tracklist begins to float through the clouds like a celestial credit reel.

Before revealing the songs on the tracklist, the video plays a lengthy snippet of “That’s What I Want” from the album. “These days I’m way too alone/ And I’m known for giving love away/ But I want someone to love me/ I need someone who needs me/ ‘Cause I’m not feeling right when it’s late at night/ And it’s just me and my dream/ I want someone to love/ That’s what I f—in’ want,” Lil Nas sings.

The tracklist reveals that the album will feature collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion, Elton John, Jack Harlow, Doja Cat and Miley Cyrus. Lil Nas previously discussed working on music with Cyrus at the beginning of the year for an unnamed song, but explained those plans were pushed back due to the pandemic.

“I had plans to work on this one song with Miley earlier last year, and then the pandemic happened,” he told Andy Cohen on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live in January. “So we didn’t get to, like, meet up or anything. But, you know, maybe it’ll happen now.”

John also shared that he’ll be releasing a collaboration album titled The Lockdown Sessions, which features Lil Nas on the track “One of Me.”

After sharing Montero’s tracklist, Lil Nas hopped on Twitter to thank his fans for supporting his album rollout. “Brooo the support all of my album content has been getting is next level. I am so thankful! I really want to make you guys happy and invite you to my world. #MONTERO,” he tweeted.

See the visual for the Montero tracklist announcement below.

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