Lauren Jauregui Releases Emotionally Charged ‘Colors’ From Solo Debut

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On Friday (Oct. 8), Lauren Jauregui returns with a brand-new release, “Colors,” taken from her upcoming solo project titled PRELUDE. Written by Jauregui and produced by Johnny Rain, “Colors” is a contemplative, emotionally charged song revealing the singer’s internal reality check.

In a statement, the former Fifth Harmony star shares, “Deep gratitude to be able to finally birth the beginning of this project into the world. PRELUDE is a piece of my heart, and I can’t wait for you all to hear what that sounds like.”

“Colors” starts off filling space with piano and airy strings before descending into a lush rhythm of R&B-style drums, ending with Jauregui reciting, “I’m actually not addicted to the drugs / I’m addicted to feeling f–king numb.”

Speaking about the song, Lauren reveals, “When you paint a wall, you have to paint over what is underneath. I’m trying to convince myself I’m someone I’m not,” she explains. “The song is a literal conversation. When everyone is gone, it’s just you and I. You can paint on the wall, but you can’t erase them all. I’m letting myself know that no matter what is going on, I need to be okay with myself. You can’t run away from yourself, because all of your layers are still going to be there. You need to learn to see them and accept them.”

Along with the new music, Jauregui has also revealed in an interview with Bustle that she’s taking full creative control of her new solo journey, releasing music in partnership with AWAL Recordings and serving as executive producer on her upcoming album. Fifth Harmony went on indefinite hiatus in March 2018.

According to Lauren, “My music is about getting to the bottom of how I’m feeling… Now, I have the freedom to explore all of the different ways I can express myself. My art is a witness to my growth.”

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