Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun at Kourtney & Travis Barker’s Romance in ‘SNL’ Courtroom Skit: Watch

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Kim Kardashian West playfully trolled her sister Kourtney’s highly publicized relationship with Travis Barker in a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch spoofing The People’s Court.

During her SNL hosting debut on Oct. 9, Kardashian West portrayed Judge Kourtney Kardashian in a skit titled “The People’s Kourt,” in which she nonchalantly presided over issues involving her drama-filled family. During the five-minute parody, Judge Kourtney gets a PDA-packed visit from her Blink-182 drummer boyfriend, played by SNL’s Mikey Day.

“You’re so punk,” Day’s Barker says while Kardashian straddles him. “Will you drum ‘All the Small Thing’ on my a– when we get home”? she casually requests. “Hands or sticks?” the musician comically replies.

“All the Small Things” — from Blink-182’s third album, Enema of the State – peaked at No. 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart in 1999.

Judge Kourtney later calls out her “bailiffs and best friends” Megan Fox (played by Chloe Fineman) and Machine Gun Kelly (Pete Davidson). “Why are we best friends,” Fineman’s Fox asks. “Because our boyfriends have tattoos for necks,” Kim’s Kourtney replies.

Elsewhere in the skit, Kanye West (played by Chris Redd) makes an appearance in a bright orange ensemble to argue a case against his estranged wife Kim, portrayed by SNL’s Heidi Gardner. Redd’s Kanye claims that Kardashian West — who dons the same full-body black outfit she wore at the Met Gala — hacked his Twitter account.

“Hey fam, I’m suing Kim because people always come after me about what I tweet because she hacked me,” Redd’s West argues. “Okay, does this even sound like me? ‘Who seen the play Wicked? I’ve seen it four times.”

It’s ultimately decided that Kanye’s tweets in question were in fact written by the rapper and fashion mogul.

SNL musical guest Halsey also made a cameo during the sketch, portraying Kendall Jenner, who is being sued by her mother Kris (playing herself) because “she won’t cause any drama and it’s damaging our brand.”

Halsey’s Kendall replies, “I’m a Jenner, not a Kardashian!” Kris responds sharply, “That’s something you need to work on, honey.”

What SNL’s “The People’s Kourt” skit below.

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