Kelly Clarkson Talks Ariana Grande on ‘The Voice’: ‘She’s Hysterical’

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Ariana Grande, the pop superstar, has a mystery talent — she’s a knockout comic. That’s according to Kelly Clarkson, who is smitten with her new The Voice co-coach.

“She’s so funny, like very witty,” Clarkson told Jimmy Fallon during a sit-down for The Tonight Show. “She’s hysterical.”

Not only is she funny, but Grande has the studio audience in raptures when she walks onto set. It’s like BTS is in the house, recounts Clarkson. And it apparently makes life difficult for Blake Shelton, who walks on afterwards.

Grande, Clarkson, Shelton and John Legend are on board for season 21 of The Voice, which premieres Sept. 20 on NBC.

The new season is taped up until the live episodes, and “everybody vibes so well,” says Clarkson.

Earlier in her late-night chat with Fallon, the American Idol alum discussed the pandemic and its effect on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

“Our whole show is about connection — this is irony — in the middle of our season, we were connecting and then COVID happened. And everyone was isolated,” she explains. “That was kinda crushing.”

Clarkson, like Fallon, pushed her own issues to the side and kept going with the show.  “When you do focus on helping others,” she says, “it helps you through your own stuff.”

Watch the interview below.

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