Kelly Clarkson & John Legend Warn Ariana Grande to ‘Never Trust’ Blake Shelton in Hilarious ‘Voice’ Teaser

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Ariana Grande is set to make her debut on season 21 of The Voice on Sept. 20, and her fellow coaches — Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton — are ready to offer up some valuable advice before her appearance. In a promo clip for the upcoming season, Clarkson, Legend and Shelton recorded selfie videos listing helpful tips so Grande can make it through the season in one piece.

“I am so stoked that you’re gonna be sitting in a chair with us this season. Just two quick things: One, never trust Blake,” Clarkson said. “Even when he seems sweet and like he’s being really sweet about it, it’s a trick. Don’t trust him. Two, bring tissues … because you’re gonna feel bad. You’re gonna be so excited. You’re getting your team together and then they’re gonna go away, and they have to because that’s the show. And then you cry. So bring your tissues.”

Legend also echoed Clarkson’s warning to never trust Shelton. After welcoming the “Positions” singer to the show, Legend said, “My only advice to you is that we need to beat Blake. Also I haven’t won since season 16 and I’m about to do it, so let’s make that happen too.” Shelton is the only coach to appear on every season of the NBC singing competition since its 2011 premiere, and has won eight championship titles since.

Shelton was kind enough to also welcome Grande to the show. “Hey, Ariana, it’s Blake and I wanted to say welcome to the show, officially on social media,” he said before dealing a blow. “They asked me to give you a piece of advice, but I could care less if you do well on the show. It’s my job to beat you.” Shelton’s video then cut to a clip of him saying, “I’m making it my mission not to lose in any way, shape, or form to Ariana” while sitting next to her in their chairs.

Grande had a message of her own to her fellow coaches: “Thank you, guys. Thank you, Kelly, thank you, Blake, thank you, John for your amazing help and guidance. If I had one piece of advice to return, I would just say … watch out.”

Watch the hilarious promo clip below.

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