Jennifer Lopez Promises a ‘Musical Experience’ in ‘This Is Me… Now’ Album Teaser

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Jennifer Lopez is taking fans on a “musical experience” in a new teaser for her upcoming album.

On Saturday (Nov. 25), the 54-year-old singer and actress dropped a brief clip packed with tons of visuals to further build anticipation for her upcoming ninth album, This Is Me… Now.


The 18-second teaser opens with the words “Hear It, See It, Live It” before transitioning to stunning shots of her dancing in the rain, twirling in a factory, a motorcycle racing through water, and more.

“This musical experience is a manifestation through music, film, and reality, of life’s journey on the search for truth about love,” reads a message at the end of the clip, along with a link to

A larger announcement about This Is Me… Now is expected to arrive on Monday (Nov. 27), according to Lopez’s social media accounts and website.

This Is Me… Now is the follow-up to the superstar’s similarly titled 2003 album, This Is Me… Then, which was dedicated to her partner at the time, Ben Affleck. The two were engaged in 2002 before parting ways in early 2004. The pair rekindled their romance in 2022 and married soon after. Lopez has confirmed that Now is also inspired by Affleck and their stronger-than-ever relationship.

The forthcoming set, which does not yet have an official release date, marks Lopez’s first solo album since 2014’s A.K.A., which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart. In 2022, she teamed up with Maluma for the soundtrack of their Marry Me film.

See Lopez’s This Is Me… Now teaser on Instagram below.

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