His parents left him but he believed and stayed the course.

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Feeling abandoned takes on many forms in daily life. A person who has experienced abandonment will often manifest symptoms in ways unrelated to the actual cause so getting through life can be a real challenge until some degree of healing can take place.

The series of events that occurred in the life of actor musician Jamie Foxx is both sad and happy. Many who heard his story were moved to tears.

Jamie Foxx was abandoned by his parents so his Grandmother raised him.

Today he has reunited with his Mother who he provides for in many ways but Foxx had many questions about the issues surrounding why his parents left.

He is grateful his Grandmother was there for him.

Jamie Foxx was born in the late 1960’s in a small Texas town. At 7 months his parents went away and little Eric Marlon Bishop ( his real name ) grew up under the watchful eye of his Grandmother. Eric played high school football and did well. He stayed out of trouble and made good for himself.

His Father passed away in 2014. His Mother reconnected with Foxx and they have worked out the why’s and what’s of it all.

Sometimes you have to keep going and move in a direction that calls to you believing that things will be revealed at the right time. Having a positive outlook and deciding to make something of yourself despite negative circumstances makes all the difference.

With abandonment issues it can be a great help to get outside counseling to make steady progress and heal the feelings of loss and worthlessness that creep in due to pre verbal feelings.

Jamie Foxx has played singers and musicians in movies. One of his most acclaimed is his stunning portrayal of Ray Charles.

Touching tribute to Anita Baker from Jamie


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