Here Are the Shiniest Reactions to Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ Single & Music Video

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Lorde’s fans are soaking up every last drop of her comeback single “Solar Power” and its summery music video.

For Billboard’s song review, Jason Lipshutz writes that “Solar Power” shows Lorde’s “newfound euphoria, first in an intimate acoustic format, then in a swaying sing-along when the drums kick in with a minute to spare.” Lorde told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe following the song’s Thursday release about its inspiration — Primal Scream’s 1990 song “Loaded,” and not George Michael’s “Freedom! ’90” as fans had speculated. But once they heard Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo sing background vocals on Lorde’s track, fans felt like they were hearing Lana, Anna and Fontana singing “Stupid Cupid” on the beach during the 2001 coming-of-age flick The Princess Diaries.

Other fans thought the “Solar Power” music video was her take on Midsommar, the 2019 folk horror film. Either way, when the heat comes, something takes hold, and it’s definitely Lorde’s yellow matching tank top and midi skirt outfit galavanting across the beach as the New Zealand-based singer gathers her followers to sing and dance along to her blissful summer anthem. Blink three times when you feel the spirit of the turning season kicking in!

See fans’ reactions below.

Phoebe, Lorde, and Clairo teaming up to save the summer

— Elana Brooke Fishman (@elanafishman) June 10, 2021

getting strong midsommar vibes from Lorde’s new single

— ️‍ℕ (@sethtnelson) June 10, 2021

lorde really said let me mkae my own midsommar

— nicole (@94AFTERGLOW) June 10, 2021

it’s a hot lorde summer

— david (@janusfilmtote) June 10, 2021

don’t talk to me. i’m too busy thinking about how phoebe bridgers and clairo are on the background vocals of solar power by lorde. oh my god.

— ًflora ଓ is crying over LORDE???!?!?!?!? (@cryindriveway) June 10, 2021

anyway back on my bullshit lorde did not release a new album today but she did release hope for all of us god bless her yellow shiny beautiful soul

— did lorde release a new album today (@DidLorde) June 11, 2021


— eleanor (@snitchery) June 11, 2021

lorde vibing at the beach through the years

— out of context lorde (@lordecontext) June 11, 2021


— se@n ellmore (@seancellmore) June 11, 2021

the penguins from antarctica chasing lorde after she insulted their habitat:

— b | LORDE IS HERE (@inthelouvvre) June 11, 2021

CONFIRMED: solar power is just as good today as it was yesterday

— katelyn (@noitskatelyn) June 11, 2021

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