First Spin: The Week’s Best New Dance Tracks From TroyBoi & Destructo, LP Giobbi & Kaleena Zanders & More

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This week we got some high-profile dance collabs, with Skrillex teaming up with Noisia, Josh Pan and Dylan Brady for the dually vibey/grimey “Supersonic.” Marshmello and Nitti Gritti linked with Megan Thee Stallion for the gloriously dizzying “Bad Bitches,” and Diplo collab’d with some casual plastic footwear, creating a “psychedelic” inspired pair of Crocs adorned with light-up mushrooms.

Meanwhile, Spencer Brown reflected on how his life has changed since coming out as gay last year, Desert Hearts cofounder Mikey Lion schooled us on his new album and leading his crew through the pandemic on Twitch, EDC dropped the lineup for its October events that features more than 200 artists and we broke down the 20 best Pride anthems by LGBTQ artists.

New music? We’ve got that too. Let’s dig in.

TroyBoi & Destructo, “You’re the One for Me”

Girl, we have been too cooped up in this house, and it’s time for some release. The vaccines are flowing, the sun is shining, and we need everybody to get back out there and roller disco. Thankfully, TroyBoi and Destructo are on that exact wavelength, dropping a synth sizzlin’ slice of neo-funk heaven. “You’re The One For Me” slides through your speakers with the poise and grace of a Studio 54 heart breaker. Dark robot vocals whisper sweet nothings into your ear, guiding you toward the light-up dance floor of your dreams.  It’s one of the perkiest things we’ve heard from either of these producers in years, with just a hint of that classically-chonky TroyBoi half-time at the end. “You’re The One For Me” is out on Destructo’s All My Friends label. Now, let’s all throw some glitter on our faces and have a freak out. — KAT BEIN

LP Giobbi feat. Kaleena Zanders, “Carry Us”

On her latest single, “Carry Us,” LP Giobbi takes hold of the temperature dial, turns that dial up all the way until it breaks and then just keeps cranking temps higher by sheer force of will until the entire production is hot to the touch and scorching to the ear holes. Giobbi’s signature piano house production here has tremendous urgency, with the track giving big peaktime energy from the jump and iron-lunged vocals from house vocalist phenom Kaleena Zanders hitting with maximum impact. With the track released in honor of Pride month, Zanders’ lyrics focus on unity, sister and brotherhood, carrying each other, climbing mountains and getting stronger.  “Watching her create, produce and write was a magical experience for me because it felt like it came from a place beyond this world,” Giobbi says of Zanders’ work on the track. “It pushed me to step up and meet her to try as best as I could to create a track from which her message could soar.” Honestly if you don’t feel at least a little bit more powerful after listening to this one, you might just want to play it over again. — KATIE BAIN

DJ Seinfeld, “U Already Know”

“If the first album was about getting past a breakup, this one is trying to understand who’s standing on the finish line,” writes Swedish producer DJ Seinfeld of his newly announced second LP, Mirrors. Its lead single, “U Already Know,” feels celebratory yet melancholic, and maybe even hopeful — a jumble of emotions where you’re not sure where one ends and another begins. What’s clear is that the track is a summer festival anthem in waiting, with its Italo-disco whimsy, engulfing alien-funk bassline and bright synth melodies noodling straight into the stratosphere like balloons released into the sky. Mirrors is scheduled for release on September 3 via Ninja Tune. — KRYSTAL RODRIGUEZ

Kah-Lo, “Fire”

Nigerian singer-songwriter Kah-Lo is a bonafide star. Her energy radiates right through the speakers, her house beats bang with infectious power, and her half-spoken lyrics set a scene so complete, you can actually see yourself at the party with her. The Grammy-nominated artist broke through with 2016’s “Rinse & Repeat” and has since collaborated with Diplo, Idris Elba, Michael Brun and others, but today, Kah-Lo takes a big step toward popstar autonomy with her solo EP debut, The Arrival.  Each of these five tunes burst with life, running the gamut from the dark and minimal “Ouch” to the perfect pop-soul of “Candy.” “Spaceship” features production from The Knocks and is certainly destined to dominate dance floors this summer, but we’ve picked “Fire” to highlight, because this is Kah-Lo’s moment to soak up all on her own, and screaming on the hook is our new 2021 mood. — KAT BEIN

Snakehips Feat. Earthgang, “Run It Up”

When you’re feeling unmotivated and in need of a morale boost, play Snakehips’ new song on repeat. “Run It Up” is the UK duo’s new collaboration with Atlanta rappers Earthgang, and it also marks the launch of their Never Worry label. The song’s bumpin’ house groove brings sunshine-soaked piano keys and good vibes, while Earthgang’s lyrics supply self-confidence in surges with their sing-song flow. “I’m so original, rare, hard to find … one of a kind baby and it’s not debatable,” they declare. Braggadocious? Possibly. Catchy as hell? Most definitely. — K.R.

Monolink, “Laura”

The German producer and multi-instrumentalist today drops his excellent sophomore LP, Under Darkening Skies, which opens with the moody seven-minute opus “Laura.” Combining beats, synths, guitar and what sounds like it might be a theramin, the producer assembles a full-on jam built for those magical moments just before sunrise, as dark turns to light and the ambience is thick as molasses. Giving shades of both Darkside and Zhu’s latest album, the track is ideal for a long drive or for just dancing with your eyes closed. — K. Bain

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