Ed Sheeran Channels Elton John in Feathers, Sequins and Tight Silver Trousers to Hype ‘Shivers’ Single

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Ed Sheeran is playing dress-up to promote his upcoming single, “Shivers.” The second listen to Sheeran’s upcoming fourth solo album, =, is due out this Friday (Sept. 10) and as the singer noted in  a picture posted on Wednesday morning (Sept. 8), he definitely “glammed up” for the occasion.

Channeling his old pal Elton John, Ed rocked things out with a retro-70s Elton get-up featuring a feather headdress, blinged out rose-colored square shades, a silver lame jacket with fringe, a shiny shirt and black and silver skintight leggings to go with his equally sparkly slip-ons.

He was a bit more sober in a second pic, in which he sheepishly sits on a yellow couch in a green suit and black tie with a pandemonium of parrots perched behind him. In a worried caption he wrote, “The moment you realise your last single has been number one for 10 weeks and there’s now a lot of pressure on the next one not to flop. ‘Shivers’ out friday, presave it, I rented a parrot for the video, don’t let that be a waste.” Sheeran’s = album is due out on Oct. 29

“So my second official single from my 4th studio album is called ‘Shivers,’ and its out September 10th,” Sheeran wrote last week in announcing the single. “I wrote this as soon as the Divide tour ended in a rented farm in Suffolk where we had set up a studio for a couple of weeks to see what happened. It was written over the course of 3 days which is very different for me, but I felt it was too special to get wrong. It was originally meant to be the first single but I just didn’t see a world where ‘Bad Habits’ existed if it didn’t come out in the summer. Shivers always felt more autumnal. I hope you like it, I bloody love it. The video is wild, but youl see that next week.”

Check out the pics of Sheeran below.

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