Doja Cat Stuns With ‘Been Like This’ and ‘You Right’ at 2021 VMAs

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Sunday (Sept. 12) night during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, superstar Doja Cat pulled double duty as host and performer. To switch gears, Doja Cat changed up her placement on stage — hovering way above it. While levitating inside a glowing ring, the artist sang “Been Like This” off her acclaimed album Planet Her.

For her entrance back to earth (or rather, down to the ground) she chose “You Right,” complete with choreography seemingly inspired by the training scenes in Mulan. As Doja Cat told Billboard earlier this week: “[This performance is] very different, it’s not like anything else I’ve ever done. This is something I wanted to do because I am very interested in a lot of different styles of dance and I feel like I’ve done hip-hop [but] this is more contemporary and modern. It’s very, very freeing.”

She continued to say the performance would be “very serene, like you’re gonna want to fall asleep, but in a respectful way.” Fortunately for Doja Cat, she didn’t nod off — she was back onstage hosting in no time at all.

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