Britney Spears Quotes Ex Justin Timberlake in a Post and Fans Have Some Thoughts About It

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Britney Spears sent fans into a feline frenzy on Tuesday (Aug. 17) when she posted an eye-popping picture of a cute house pet that appeared to be the size of a jungle cat. But it was the caption of the post that really got the Britney Army into formation since it name-checked the singer’s famous ex.

“As JT would say … haters gonna say it’s fake !!!!! I MEAN … wow I have no idea … what do you guys think ????” she captioned the post that quoted the lyrics from former boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s 2018 Man of the Woods single “Filthy.” To be fair, the image of a woman on a couch with her arm around what appeared to be a Maine coon cat — a breed known for their heft — seemed possibly fake, but who can concentrate on colossal cats when Britney is name-checking JT!?

Not Spears’ fans, who immediately went there — as in speculating that it was Britney’s sly way of teasing a potential musical reunion with the fellow former Mouseketeer she dated from 1998 to 2002. “Did you just quote your ex? I’m here for it!” wrote one fan. Another speculated, “JT collab confirmed” while a third took the opportunity to get their pun on with the joke “Free Britney right meow!”

And while a collaboration seems highly unlikely, the chuckles kept coming from fans in the comments section, including “Catney Spears,” “Kitten-Ney Spears,” and “Scardey Cat-Ney.”

But there was one from a commenter who didn’t have any time for all that nonsense. “Guys.. Britney… never heard of perspective? It’s a simple optical illusion. The cat is closer to the camera in the right angle n makes it look huge.. duuuh.” Speaking of perspective, a short time later, Spears posted another cat-tastic image, this one of a teeny, tiny kitten hidden inside a man’s hands.

Timberlake — who publicly apologized to Spears in February after receiving criticism for his post-breakup treatment of the singer following the release of the Framing Britney Spears doc — expressed his “absolute support” for her after the pop princess publicly testified for the first time against her longtime conservatorship on June 23.

Check out Britney’s post below.

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