Advice From an Inspiring Woman on a Weight Loss Journey

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30-year-old Dawn Estelle Archer, an inspiring woman who cut back on television and spend that time working out instead. With the myriad streaming services and cable channels available, you could spend hours upon hours in front of the TV. Some people spend that time just searching for something to watch! Dawn wanted to use her time more wisely and invest it into bettering herself.

What she did not realize is that her new love of fitness would lead to a total transformation of her life–and a new business!

“I decided to cancel my cable and use that money towards my gym membership,” Dawn said. “That way, I was able to work out, I was able to feel good, and I was able to lose weight.”

She totally transformed her body and her life, and it all began with one small decision. Choosing to exercise instead of watch television may not seem like a big deal, but we’re built by our habits. When we slowly start incorporating positive habits into our lives, big things can happen! Over time, these helpful habits become second nature, and they form the foundation for a better life.

Plus, working out can help you both physically and mentally. Exercise is one of the world’s greatest stress-relievers and can put you in a better mood instantly. You could have the world sitting on your shoulders, and in one workout, feel that weight disappear. If you don’t have access to a gym, simply walking or running outdoors will help you break a sweat.

“I began exercising as a college graduate because I was depressed, I had student loans, I was overweight, I was really unhappy, and fitness was my therapy,” Dawn said. “I was going outside and walking places. Instead of driving, I would walk, and that was my start and introduction to fitness.”

Dawn’s love of fitness inspired her to launch a workout program

“The more I exercised, the more my endorphins flowed and the happier I was. I actually like doing anything outside, but my SWEAT workouts that I teach involve muscle building, strength training, and cardio all in one, so it’s a win-win.”

This is how an inspiring woman started her business, as she describes on her website:

“SWEAT is a feeling that cannot be described. It is an energy that is present in every class. Estelle created this class in March 2013 in a parking lot located in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. She quickly drew the attention of neighbors + peers in the Manchester area.

In January 2014, she sold her car, placed all of her belongings in a storage unit, and flew to California on a one-way ticket. She had a goal to visit all fifty states in one year and help at least one person in every state. That was only the beginning…

Present-day, she has completed the tour of the United States (including Mexico + Puerto Rico) in just one year + operated at her own studio, “theSWEATbox” located in Richmond, Virginia. Estelle visits California and other states when sponsored to continue to ‘inspire + uplift men, women + kids.’”

Who knew that the decision to stop watching television and work out would take her so far? By getting off the couch and moving her body, she freed up so much energy to work on her dreams. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit so much; it causes our energy to stagnate and become depressed. Once Estelle realized this, she started to feel better in both mind and body.

Dawn says that her future kept her motivated to keep the television off and continue her exercise routine. She said being able to live in a healthy body someday kept the fire burning within her. Being an unhealthy weight caused her to develop prediabetes, so she didn’t want to deal with that any longer. Plus, she wanted to prevent any other illnesses caused by being overweight.

If you want to get in shape, take it one day at a time

Estelle says that when you’re first starting, don’t focus so much on weight. Just follow a steady workout routine and keep in mind how much better you’ll feel eventually. With social media, it’s easy to compare yourself to others and look like them.

However, it’s not about how you look on the outside; it’s about your inner peace and happiness. By taking some weight off physically, you’ll feel lighter on the inside, too.

“My advice for anybody who is trying to lose weight or get started in fitness is to be consistent. Regardless if you see results after a week or two weeks, or even a month, know that by consistently exercising and doing something good for your body and your mind, it’s going to pay off. Even if you don’t see results, keep going – it’s worth it.”

Estelle proves how something seemingly small like turning off the television can ultimately change your life. Once you release yourself from watching television, you can fill your time with more productive activities, like exercising. Not only will you feel more energetic, but you’ll also improve your health. If you’re new to working out, start by walking around your neighborhood or other light exercises.

We’ll leave you with this powerful advice from Estelle that will help you take charge of your life.

“Don’t take this day lightly. Know that anything that is not for you cannot enter your space without your permission.”

Final thoughts on this inspiring woman who made working out her new priority

Estelle decided she’d had enough of living small; she wanted to reach her full potential. She started by canceling her cable and using the money toward a gym membership. Little did she know how much this decision would impact her life later on. Now, she enjoys the opportunity to start her own business and travel the country, inspiring thousands.

She’s found the spark within not only to transform herself but help others along the way. This inspiring woman now does private fitness and business consultations in addition to hosting her fitness class. Perhaps we should all take Estelle’s advice and turn off our televisions; it just might change our lives.

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