8 Signs from the Universe That It’s Time to Be Still and Reflect

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As you reminisce about some of the most inspiring moments in your life, they probably weren’t all in the open. Many of them may have been experienced in lone times of silent meditation and introspection. As your ever-present Guide, the Universe gently urges you to be still and in touch with your inner self.

The constant chatter in your brain isn’t always beneficial. Some of this internal dialog can have negative consequences. Tools such as meditation and visualization are ways to hush these voices and tune in to the Universal vibrations.

When you feel out of control, this cosmic heart allows you to be still as it embraces you unconditionally. During these divinely silent moments, your senses and psychic abilities are heightened. You’re more apt to pay attention to the directions you need to take to reach your destiny.

“Be still and know that I am God.” ~Psalm 46:10

Eight Signs It’s Time Just to Sit and Be Still

When your life feels stale and unsatisfying, the Universe is ready to help. It will never overrule your free will. Although the Divine exists in the eternal past and future, it can be your most valuable ally in the present. All you need to do is to be quiet and open your heart and soul.

Are you ready for divine intervention from the Creator? Maybe you haven’t caught some of the subtle signs. Here are eight ways that the Universe may be trying to get your attention for some quiet time.

1. It Might Be Time to Be Still When Even Close Friends and Family Irritate You

No matter how close you are to people, they can get on your nerves from time to time. You can annoy them, too. When this irritation is constant, the Universe may be trying to get your attention.

Have you noticed that you have a sense of dread each time your phone rings or you hear a notice from your email? Maybe your conversations are shorter, and you are snapping at others for no reason. You love the people in your circle of family and friends, but you may not be enjoying their company anymore.

It may seem like everything they do or say makes you see red. If you recognize this situation, remember that you’re not morphing into a people-hating grouch. Perhaps your Higher Power encourages you to be still and listen to your inner voice for a while.

2. Your Emotions Are All Over the Place

As a human, you can experience a broad range of emotions. According to an article by The Greater Good Science Center, psychologists have identified at least 27 human emotions. You’ve probably experienced them all so far in your life according to mood and situation.

While most people stay emotionally balanced, there may be times that you feel like your emotions are going haywire. For a while, you may be angry at the world, and it can suddenly switch to a sense of profound sadness. You might think that you aren’t in control of your moods anymore.

Of course, mood swings may be caused by underlying physical or mental conditions that need to be addressed. However, you may be lost in your emotions because you’re out of touch with yourself. Your mood swings may be a silent clue from the Universe that you need to step back and reconnect with your spirit.

3. You Experience Constant Frustration When You Need Time to Be Still

It’s often challenging to explain frustration since this emotion is a mixture. Some of the assortment may include anger, fear, sadness, and impatience. Frustration can also mask feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction.

Think of the times in your life that you have felt this cocktail of emotions the strongest. You’ve probably noticed that your frustration was present during times of life changes, loss, and upheavals. Maybe you feel frustrated and helpless now.

You’re receiving a Universal cue to be still and re-evaluate your paths. Are you unfulfilled in your career or personal relationships? Taking a quiet break from the world might help you realize the changes you need to make to enrich your life.

4. You Feel the Need to Spend More Time Alone

While humans are social beings, you still crave time to yourself. Some of your most profound connections with the Universe may happen when you’re alone with your thoughts. Your vulnerability helps you build trust and rapport with a Higher Power.

You needn’t move to a remote mountaintop and live as a hermit forever. Sometimes it’s helpful to be still and disappear from the social radar for a day or two. Maybe a weekend hideaway by yourself might invigorate your spirits and inspire you to create goals you want to achieve.

5. Your Health is Affected

You are a triune entity that’s a delicate balance of body, soul, and spirit. If any component of your being becomes unbalanced, the other two are negatively affected. Therefore, most holistic practitioners also address mental and spiritual conditions when they evaluate physical ailments.

Although microbes or genetic predispositions can cause physical disorders, an unbalanced life can also make you feel weak and sick. You go from feeling joy and ease to the opposite, which is a disease.

Have you noticed that you haven’t been yourself lately? Maybe you had a physical exam and tests that came back with no problem. Yet, you have unexplained aches and pains and perhaps are experiencing digestive issues.

When your life is unbalanced, the Universe reaches out to get your attention. What you may feel as a strange sickness may be a message to you. The Universe may be trying to warn you of a more serious physical condition or that you need to be still and quietly heal.

6. You Have Heightened Anxiety Levels

An article published by the National Alliance of Mental Illness states that anxiety disorders are the most common form of mental illness. In fact, at least 40 million people in the US have it. Although you can often pinpoint things and situations that make you anxious, generalized anxiety usually lacks explanation.

Anxiety may run the spectrum of feeling a bit uneasy to full-blown panic. Frequently just worrying about being anxious may bring on a panic attack. It’s a miserable situation that makes you feel as if you are losing control or dying.

The good news is that anxiety disorders are also some of the easiest to treat. If you’ve noticed that your anxiety levels have spiked recently, ask yourself why. Is the Universe sending up red flags for you?

While generalized anxiety can’t always be explained, situational anxiety may revolve around toxic people or circumstances. The Universe has your best interests at heart and may be alerting you to make changes. Please realize that this loving Cosmic Power won’t lead you where it can’t sustain you.

7. You’re Chronically Exhausted

You may be busier now than you can ever recall in the past. Even with modern conveniences and technological advances, it may seem like you have less time in the day than ever. Juggling your responsibilities to home, work, and society may leave you depleted.

Most of the time, you may feel rejuvenated after resting or having a peaceful night’s sleep. It’s just what you need to recharge your brain and energize your body for another hectic day. However, there often remains chronic exhaustion that no amount of sleep can ease.

If you spend most of your days in weary brain fog, your exhaustion may be more than physical. Many people describe it as a spiritual and mental drain that seems unending. Even arising from several hours of sound sleep, you may feel just as tired as when you went to bed.

After ruling out any physical causes, your debilitating fatigue may be spiritual. Since the spirit doesn’t sleep, no amount of rest brings relief. The treatment for a weary soul is to be still and experience honest introspection, which can be accomplished through mediation.

What changes do you need to consider in your life? If you’ve inevitable situations, how can you change your attitude to better cope with them? During the nights of spiritual fatigue, the Universe offers your soul rest and a feeling of inexplicable peace.

8. You Suddenly Need More Validation

Validation from others is a basic human need. Doesn’t it warm your heart when your circle of family and friends take your thoughts and feelings seriously? It reminds you that you matter as a person and your opinions count.

When you lack validation in your life, you may feel frustrated and unappreciated. Even though you’re paid to work, you still crave validation from your employers. It would help if you also had confirmation from your significant other, family, and friends.

Are you longing for more validation? Perhaps the people in your circle are unintentionally taking you for granted. Please take this as a hint from the Universe that it’s time to spend some alone time and formulate a plan for speaking up for yourself.

Final Thoughts Knowing When It Is Time to Be Still

You’ll never fully walk into your destiny until you learn to listen and trust the Universe. It loved you before you were born and is ready to highlight the right paths. As you learn to embrace silent knowing, you start to realize your best life.

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